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The Slovenian company KRKA, registered three new products for pets and large animals in Greece. These products are distributed in Greece exclusively by Neocell. This is Fypryst ecto-antiparasitic spray for pets, Flimabend endo-antiparasitic for large animals and Enroxil antimicrobila tablets for pets in 15mg/tab, 50mg/tab and 150mg/tab. Refer to our Veterinary products' list for more information.
The Irish company Chanelle Pharmaceutical, represented in Greece exclusively by Neocell Ltd, recently registered in Greece 5 new products. The Floxibac 5% and Floxibac 10% in injectable form has as active ingredient enrofloxacin for large animals and pets, the Exitel Cat anthelmintic tablets for cats, the Exitel XL anthelmintic tablet for large dogs and Albex 10% anthelmintic albendazole as an oral solution for sheep and cattle. For more information refer to the Veterinary products of our company.
The Austrian company Richter Pharma, which is exclusively represented in Greece by Neocell, registered four new products for pets and large animals in Greece. This is the Exagon a barbiturate for euthanasia of all animals, the Mitex ear drops for external otitis of pets and Ancesol an antihistaminic for cattle. Refer to our Veterinary products for more information.
The Dutch company Dopharma BV, which is exclusively represented in Greece by Neocell Ltd, registered two new water-soluble products in Greece, Amoxy Active (Amoxycillin trihydrate 80%) and Doxylin (Doxycycline 100%). Refer to our Veterinary products for more information.
Following the agreement of representation of selected products of the Dutch company Le Vet Pharma BV in the Greek market by our company, is available analgesic-sedative product Detonervin (Detomidine) 10mg / ml solution for injection in packaging 20ml.  
The Dopharma BV registered 2 new concentrations of meloxicam 2% and 3%, so with the current concentration of 0.5% has the most complete range of meloxicam injectable products in Europe. Ask us for more information or download at the end of this text, the brochure in pdf format.
Our company announces the launch of the sedative medicine Ketamidor (Ketamine 10%) Inj. in pack sizes of 10ml and 50ml, a product of the Austrian company Richter Pharma AG.
Neocell, after the conclusion of a cooperation with the German company IDT-Biologika, manufacturer of vaccines and other Veterinary medicinal products for food producing animals and companion animals, for the exclusive representation to the Greek and Cypriot market, introduces the innovative pipette with the active substance fipronil for the control of fleas and ticks in companion animals. The pipette allows the user to do all the corrective actions handling the pet without the worry of spilling the contents of the pipette while it is open and makes handling the pet. Thanks to patented technology allows us to open it, to put…
The first generic of toltrazuril for use in chickens and breeding hens are available in the Greek market. Dozuril contains 25 mg / ml of toltrazuril and the marketing authorization holder is the Dutch Dopharma BV which we represent exclusively in Greece and Cyprus. Available in case, where the drinking water is too "hard" with solvent for pre-mixing.
Neocell announces the exclusive distribution of the entire product range of the Dutch Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company Dopharma BV for the Greek market. Now except for products already distributed the previous period ie. Oxytetracycline LA 20% Inj., Gentamycin 10% Inj. and Doraflox (Enrofloxacin) 10% Inj., acquires the exclusive distribution rights of the other products Dopharma, particularly Phenoxypen (Penicillin V) WSP, Sodium Salicyl 80% WSP, Melovem (Meloxicam 5mg/ml, 20mg/ml and 30mg/ml) Inj., Amoxycol ( Amoxycillin + Colistin) Inj., Dozuril (Toltrazuril) 2,5% oral solution. See "Veterinary Products" for more information.
The Spanish Pharmaceutical company Divasa Farmavic signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Greek market Neocell.
The Spanish Veterinary Pharmaceutical company Laboratorios Maymo signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Greek market with Neocell.
The Austrian Pharmaceutical company Richter Pharma A.G. signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the Greek market with Neocell.
Neocell signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the Dutch Veterinary Pharmaceutical company Dopharma BV for the products Oxytetracycline 20% LA Injectable solution, Gentamycin 10% Injectable solution and Doraflox 10% injectable solution Enrofloxacin.