At Neocell, our first concern is the production and distribution of a complete product portfolio to the veterinary world (veterinary wholesalers, pet shops, large animal production units with a vet on site), while focusing on innovation, effectiveness and safety. With this focus in mind, Neocell produces, represents and distributes products in all available pharmaceutical forms: injectable solutions, such as antibiotics, vitamins, vaccines, hormonal medicines, sedatives-anesthetics, anti-inflammatories, as well as water soluble antibiotics, anthelminthic tablets, medicated premixes and many other medicines in all pharmaceutical formulations.
Amongst others Neocell exclusively represents major European veterinary pharmaceuticals such as Dopharma Holland, Richter Pharma AG Austria, IDT Biologica Germany, Chanelle Ireland, Maymo Spain, Ovejero Spain, KRKA Slovenia, Divasa Farmavic Spain and Neofarma Italy.