Tuesday, 17 June 2014 03:00

New registration of the innovative fipronil pipete Fiprodog-Fiprocat

Neocell, after the conclusion of a cooperation with the German company IDT-Biologika, manufacturer of vaccines and other Veterinary medicinal products for food producing animals and companion animals, for the exclusive representation to the Greek and Cypriot market, introduces the innovative pipette with the active substance fipronil for the control of fleas and ticks in companion animals.
The pipette allows the user to do all the corrective actions handling the pet without the worry of spilling the contents of the pipette while it is open and makes handling the pet.
Thanks to patented technology allows us to open it, to put it next to us in a special base that is built-in and makesall the necessary relaxing movements to prepare the pet before applying the product.
The available categories are Fiprocat 50 mg / pipete (cats), Fiprodog 67mg / pipete (small dogs), Fiprodog 134 mg / pipete (medium dogs), Fiprodog 268 mg / pipete (large dogs) and Fiprodog 402 mg / pipete (extra large dogs) and each box contains 6 pipettes.