Vigorol plus

Complementary feed for swine and ruminants Oral emulsion
Contains thymol and gamma-terpenes of natural origin

COMPOSITION: Ingredients (% w/v): Coconut oil, 36 %; Soya oil, 35% Additives (Composition per flask of 250 ml): Vitamins, pro-vitamins and well defined substances having similar effect: Vitamin A (3a 672b) 750000 IU; Vitamin D3 (E 671) 12500 IU; Vitamin E (3a700) 2.5 g. Antioxidants: Buthylhydroxyanisole (BHA) (E-320) 93.75 mg; Buthylhydroxytoluene BHT (E-321) 93.75 mg.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 0%; Crude oils and fats, min. 60%; Crude fibre 0%; Moisture, max. 22%; Crude ashes 0%; Sodium, 0%; Does not contain lysine nor methionine.

INDICATIONS: Complementary feed with a high energetic concentration and natural ingredients for swine and ruminants, especially for animals that might have digestive problems.

DOSAGE: PIGLETS: 1 pump (3 ml) per animal and day, between the third and fifth day of life. LAMBS: 2 pumps (6 ml) / 5 kg body weight and day. CALVES: 3 pumps (9 ml) / 10 kg body weight and day. PROPERTIES The content per bottle in medium chain (75 g) and short chain (59 g) fatty acids provide a high energy value, with which the animals obtain vigour and vitality in a quick manner, complementing the intestinal effect of the product.

PRECAUTIONS: Keep the bottle closed, in a cool and dry place. Avoid keeping the product at low temperatures. In these conditions the product may get thicker and even solidify. If it happens heat the product in a water bath (60 °C) and shake it vigorously. Once the package is opened it should be used within a period of thirty (30) days. Shake before use.

250 ml